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Campaign for new pâté taste

The campaign had to show a good knowledge of local culture in order to establish a good connection with local consumers. New taste of Argeta, chosen by consumers is closely linked to local culture, their food habits using local main ingredients.

Phase 1. Voting for new local taste

A nationwide online voting for new Argeta pâté taste was organized over a period of 1 month. On offering were three tastes depicting three regions in Macedonia – “Osogovska” – with dried meat, “Strumicka” – with red peppers and “Sarplaninska” – with cheese. The regions were depicted with lavish photos and poetic but informative texts.

Together with the voting there was also a prize winning game with the winner being selected for the most creative commentary. The prize consisted of a three day trip for five persons to the winning region with organized leisure activities.

Phase 2: Local taste is chosen

The online voting resulted with the election of “Sarplaninska” with over 50% votes.


This stage of the campaign offers to the public trip guides to the Sarplanina region to experience the new taste while waiting for new product to be launched.



Phase 3: Launch of new local taste

TV spot

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