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The client is the first insurance company in Macedonia. The brand changed its name and identity several times throughout the years. Their last change was made 2013 and they haven’t done much to promote it.


For this important jubilee the client wanted to be recognized by the audience for its tradition and stability, but still present itself as a modern company which is close to their customers.
The communication tools for this campaign were: logo for the jubilee, corporate TVC with agressive TV campaign, social responsibility activities, social media activities, press conference for the announcement of the jubilee with supporting PR campaign, corporate video presentation.


We needed to create a logo which will both capture the tradition of 70 years and the recognizability of the brand which has changed its name and identity several times in those years. For this purpose we incorporated the silhouette of their famous building inside of the zero, and we used the new corporate slogan to reinforce it. This added a new meaning: “We are here 70 years.”
A brochure for the press conference had a fresh inviting visuals and copy that presented the most important milestones in the 70 years and statistics of the work done in dose years. It also included some old photos, reminding the audience of the long history of the company and its meaning.

Visual identity

The client also requested for standardization of their visual identity by creating standard guidelines for the promo materials, brochures, posters, tv ads and branded calendars. We have successfully completed the visual identity by creating a visual guidelines for the promo materials, and finishing most of the brochures for different insurance products. We have also finished several posters for the most advertised products.

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